Selective Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

Complements Your Own Cleaning Programmes

Indepth Hygiene’s selective kitchen deep cleaning services can help you identify the exact areas which need deep cleaning, complementing your own cleaning programmes. Working with you, we’ll achieve a higher standard of hygiene and cleanliness. This will ensure approval by Environmental Health Officers’ inspections of your entire facility.

High level kitchen cleaning

In many cases wall surfaces above six feet cannot be cleaned effectively by staff. Ceilings, light fittings, vents and roof structures are also very often out of reach. You’ll find our deep cleaning removes all unhygienic and fire hazardous deposits from more difficult surfaces.

Kitchen floor deep cleaning

Daily cleaning by staff is often insufficient to maintain hygiene and safety required standards especially as there are many different surfaces in use in catering, food production facilities and dining areas.

We’ll ensure your floor surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and free of all contaminants by using specialised equipment and chemicals.

Kitchen canopy and filter cleaning

Often difficult for staff to access cleaning, our specialist service ensures the removal of all potential fire hazard deposits from grease filters, internal surfaces of canopies and drip traps. We can provide a replacement filter service for any filters which we find are worn or ineffective.

Evidence of legislation compliance

Once we’ve completed our selective kitchen deep cleaning services, we’ll provide a Certificate of Cleanliness. This is your guarantee that work has been carried to the highest standards. The certificate can be used as evidence for Health and Safety Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers to show you have met your legal obligations to exercise ‘due diligence’.

Maintenance of required standard

We’ll put in a regular programme of hygiene and safety maintenance in consultation with you, tailored to the usage pattern of your facilities.

Normally this would mean around three or six-monthly services depending on the facility usage. This ensures standards of hygiene and safety are maintained at all times.

No price increase guarantee

With all our kitchen deep cleaning services we’re guaranteeing not to increase our contractual price for a minimum of three years, to assist the management and control of budgeting.