Fire Sparks Reminder For Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning In Hampshire To Be Done Regularly

It took fire crews over an hour to extinguish a fire that broke out at a Harvester restaurant in Fareham, Hampshire. Nobody was hurt in the April 2013 blaze at The Buccaneer but around a dozen members of staff had to be evacuated. Smoke and flames were seen coming from the extractor fan.

There is no clear cause as to how the fire started in this incident but one of the major fire risks in commercial kitchens is from the build-up of grease in ductwork.

“Most commercial kitchens have grease extract ventilation systems to draw out grease-laden air via the cooker hood and out into the atmosphere. Even with ordinary cleaning, grease particles can pass through grease filters and then coat the internal surfaces of ductwork and fans with grease deposits,” says Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene, Richard Norman.

“The danger is that grease is highly flammable and can self-ignite under the right conditions. The issue is made worse as ductwork can often run through an entire building so there is potential that a fire can spread through a building within minutes.”

Eliminating the fire risk in grease extract systems can only be achieved by a professional deep cleaning company. That’s because ductwork cleaning is beyond the capabilities of general cleaners. Norman’s specialist team carries out work in accordance with standards laid down in the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) fully approved Industry Standard of Excellence TR/19.

Criminal Prosecution

Norman warns that those responsible for commercial kitchens may be liable to criminal prosecution if they fail to carry out fire risk assessments or take appropriate action to protect the safety of the building and this includes ductwork. Insurance companies are also looking closely at what strategies organisations have in place to reduce the risk from fire.

“Until a fire occurs there are often seldom other clear signs of danger. But it’s shocking how many establishments still don’t prioritise grease extract cleaning,” says Norman.Hotel-restaurant-kitchen-deep-cleaning

Indepth Hygiene’s kitchen deep cleaning services can also assist commercial kitchen owners and managers to comply with the ever increasing Food Safety legislation and Health & Safety regulations.

Kitchen deep cleaning is more than regular cleaning; it’s thorough cleaning of every single surface from ceiling to floor including any hard to reach places. Learn more about commercial kitchen deep cleaning.

Find out how Norman’s expert team can help keep your business safe with grease extract cleaning and restaurant kitchen deep cleaning in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

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