Your Legal Requirements & How Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Companies Can Help

If you are responsible for a workplace you have a legal responsibility under The Fire Safety Order – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – to appoint a ‘responsible person’ to carry out a fire risk assessment of your premises. The ‘responsible person’ is required to take action or eliminate the risks to the building’s occupants.

There is also a responsbility for deep cleaning to be carried out regularly, which can only be done by professional commercial kitchen cleaning companies such as Indepth Hygiene, who are very experienced in the field.

Under the legislation, The Fire and Rescue Services have powers to inspect premises for compliance and to institute legal action for non-compliance. If the ‘responsible person’ fails to carry out fire risk assessments or takes appropriate action to protect the safety of the building occupants they will be liable to prosecution. If a fire causes injury or death, they could be liable to criminal prosecution.

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Keeping your costs down

All our contractual prices for kitchen deep cleaning services are guaranteed not to be increased for a minimum of three years.