Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The build up of grease-laden deposits in kitchen exhaust ventilation systems presents a significant fire risk in catering and food production facilities. This is because it is not unusual for grease extract ductwork to run throughout the entire building leading to a roof level exhaust. As a result it can put the whole building and its occupants at risk. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is therefore essential.

Some grease particles can be trapped by air filters in canopies but it’s inevitable that grease-laden air will pass through the system ducting. The reason is that as the air cools, grease particle deposits form on the ductwork internal surfaces.

In addition grease accumulations reduce extraction efficiency. This can result in poor working conditions for catering staff and possibly the failure to remove noxious fumes from gas burning appliances. It can also be a source of unpleasant odours permeating through the rest of the building.

Your grease extract ventilation system, as a potential fire hazard, needs to be included in the Fire Risk Assessment. The Fire Safety Order requires owners and managers of buildings to take action to eliminate any potential fire risk to the building and its occupants.

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