Dorset Eateries Fail Food Hygiene Inspections

March 7, 2014

Three Bournemouth eateries have all failed council food hygiene inspections.

  • Cafe Treviso in Wimborne Road
  • Tara’s in the Triangle· Westbourne
  • Tandoori in Westbourne

“Each of these food premises will continue to be monitored by our environmental health officers following the zero rating given to them on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme last year,” said Louise Jones, team manager for public safety at Bournemouth Council.

She said the council had visited all three businesses on different occasion to ensure food legislation compliance was being met. Ms Jones said that the eateries were put in the Urgent Improved Needed category.

Enforcement notices can be served any time by Environmental health officers. They can prosecute and close food establishments if conditions are poor. Inspections capture a specific time and businesses could improve their ratings and their current situation from the time of the original inspection.