The Importance Of Expert Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning In West Yorkshire

Nearly 20 fire fighters were called to tackle a blaze which ripped through two floors of a Leeds restaurant and caused the business to shut for a time.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the April 2012 incident and everyone was able to evacuate quickly from the premises on the corner of Harehills and Roadhay roads.

Fire fighters believe the blaze started in the restaurant’s kitchen before quickly spreading to the rest of the building. It’s not known what sparked the fire but the build up of grease – which can self ignite under the right conditions –  is one of the most common causes of commercial kitchen fires in the UK according to fire authorities.

Building Owners and Managers Accountable

Fires can be devastating for any organisation or business. Having regular deep cleaning programmes in place – a legal obligation – can help reduce fire risk by removing the build up of grease. It’s also good food hygiene practice.

We’re the experts in every aspect of commercial kitchen deep cleaning in West Yorkshire. With Indepth Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services, you’ll have an experienced expert team who will make sure that every surface from ceiling to floor is thoroughly deep cleaned and de-greased. This includes all equipment which our team will dismantle in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

We can also carry out duct cleaning and grease extract cleaning to remove the build up of grease in out of sight places.

Established for over 40 years, it’s no wonder that clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Mercedes Benz and many others continue to use Indepth Hygiene and Indepth Deep Cleaning Services to give complete peace of mind and to help them meet their legal obligations.

We cover all of the UK including:

  • Bradford
  • Leeds
  • Wakefield

Talk to our friendly team and help protect your business.

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