Reminder For Grease Extract Ductwork Cleaning & Kitchen Deep Cleaning In West Sussex To Be Done

West Sussex’s eateries are being reminded about a potential hidden fire danger that could cost them their business reputation or worse. Richard Norman, Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene Services, says the greatest fire risk in buildings with commercial kitchens comes from the build-up of grease-laden deposits in grease extract ductwork systems.

The company – an industry leader – is often called on to provide training assistance to Fire & Rescue services and Environmental Health Officers as part of their training programmes.

“Even with grease filters, grease deposits can accumulate on the internal surfaces of the ductwork and fans. The problem is that grease is highly flammable and can self-ignite under the right conditions. Ductwork often runs through an entire building which means a fire can spread quickly,” explains Norman.

Those running eateries are legally required under The Fire Safety Order to carry out fire risk assessments and may be liable to criminal prosecution if they fail to do so or take appropriate action to protect the safety of the building, including ductwork. Insurers are also now asking to see evidence that duct cleaning has been done.

Specialist Contractor


Only a specialist contractor can totally eliminate the fire risk in grease extract systems. Indepth Hygiene Services carries out work in accordance with standards laid down in the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) fully approved Industry Standard of Excellence TR/19.

Norman’s specialist teams are also able to deep clean commercial kitchens to assist those running kitchens to meet Food Safety and Health & Safety regulations.

A periodic kitchen deep cleaning programme should take place for those equipment and installations which are not fully cleaned as part of the daily cleaning routines. Find out what’s involved with commercial kitchen deep cleaning.

Indepth Hygiene Services covers all of West Sussex including Worthing, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Horsham, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Chichester and East Grinstead.

If you have any further questions on grease extract ductwork cleaning or commercial kitchen deep cleaning in West Sussex, Norman and his expert team would be happy to help. They can be contacted on +44 (0)333 456 0279 or emailing:

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