Fire Stats – Reminder For Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning In South Yorkshire To Be Done

Richard Norman – Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene – is looking through the latest fire incidents reports from around the UK.

The statistics show that a high proportion of restaurant fires in 2013 began in commercial kitchens. It’s another stark warning to those responsible for commercial kitchens to have periodic deep cleaning programmes in place. The build-up of grease in particular can be one of the biggest fire risks.

Indepth Hygiene is well regarded in the industry and since 1970 has undertaken work for many organisations including a large number of high profile restaurant chains and hotels. Norman’s expert team operates across South Yorkshire and beyond, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing thorough commercial kitchen and grease extract systems cleaning services.

Those responsible for commercial kitchens have a legal obligation to carry out regular periodic deep cleaning including the cleaning of grease extract systems which are often out of sight. It’s a message that Norman continually tries to make those involved in selling food aware of.

“To tackle the lack of awareness problem we undertake, on a continuous basis, promotions by way of ‘hard’ and ‘e’ mailings to our target market sectors, and at the same time have tried to make our websites very informative,” says Norman.

The services provided by his team are based on Government Specifications 038 and M&E142. Indepth Hygiene covers all of South Yorkshire including:

  • Barnsley
  • Sheffield
  • Doncaster
  • Rotherham

To find out more about how commercial kitchen deep cleaning in South Yorkshire could help your business stay safe get in touch with the expert team today.

For Norman, he and his team will continue making those responsible for commercial kitchens aware about the potential dangers of not having periodic deep cleaning done.

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