Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

We take a very methodical approach to commercial kitchen cleaning, which is why Indepth Hygiene has remained an industry leader for more than 30 years. From ceiling down to floor, our expert deep cleaning team will ensure no part of your food area is left untouched. To avoid disruption to your staff and food premises we’ll carry out our service when your commercial kitchen is least busy, including working at night, if necessary.

Our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Process

  1. Before we start cleaning, we’ll prepare the kitchen. Anything that is electrical we’ll isolate. Any exposed switches we’ll tape up with a polythene water-proof cover. We’ll dismantle all the components which could include oven trays, oven tops and grease filters. We’ll also dismantle fan units and other heavy soiled items.
  2. These will then be immersed into what is known as a dip tank filled with a suitable degreaser. All components will be immersed in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.
  3. We might remove some kitchen equipment and clean them outside for better results.
  4. Our team will pull out equipment and deep clean both behind and underneath, where possible to make sure that all surfaces are deep cleaned.
  5. We’ll scrape grease using scrapers or wire brushes and apply a solution. In addition all cleaning chemicals and any left dirt will be cleaned from all surfaces.
  6. Whilst all the equipment is out, we’ll steam clean the ceiling and walls (including corners). Equipment will then be returned to its original position.
  7. Our team will then sanitise preparation and cooking areas.
  8. We’ll use floor scrubbers, steam cleaners and we’ll wet vacuum to make sure your floor areas are also thoroughly cleaned.

When the deep cleaning process is completed, we make sure that all debris and rubbish is removed and we’ll invite you to inspect our work. If you want us to lock up, we’ll make sure your premises are secure and we’ll return the keys to an agreed place.

As part of the kitchen deep cleaning process, we can also clean the following:

  • Kitchen structure (ceilings, vents, walls and floors)
  • Walk-in refrigerators, standard fridges and freezers
  • Ovens – gas or electric
  • Combi / steam ovens
  • Griddle plates
  • Deep fat fryers
  • Grills and chargrills
  • Sinks
  • Hot / cold food preparation areas

If you are responsible for preparing and selling food, you are legally obliged under The Food Hygiene Regulations and the Food Safety Act to have periodic commercial kitchen cleaning programmes in place

No price increase guarantee

We’re guaranteeing not to raise our contractual price for cleaning your commercial kitchen for a minimum of three years. Contact us today for a free no obligation chat.