Commercial Deep Cleaning Manchester

Mancunians are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants in the city with over 300 eateries offering a wide variety of delicious delights whatever their tastes or budgets. From American to Vietnamese cuisines the choices are seemingly endless. Then there are the 24 hour food outlets.

If you are running any type of food establishment in the Greater Manchester area you’ll know that you have to work hard to attract and keep happy customers.


Reputation is everything. One outbreak of food poisoning from poor food hygiene could ruin your business reputation overnight or worse.

Good food hygiene starts with every surface being spotlessly clean but often with routine kitchen cleaning some areas are naturally missed. For instance do you regularly dismantle equipment for deep cleaning?

It’s essential that there are periodic commercial deep cleaning programmes in place. Done correctly kitchen deep cleaning is thorough cleaning of every single surface from ceiling to floor including any hard to reach places. Find out what our commercial deep cleaning involves.

Legal responsibility

Did you know that you have a legal responsibility to make sure that your premises are deep cleaned?

We pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading kitchen deep cleaning company in Manchester and across the UK. Indepth Deep Cleaning Services from Indepth Hygiene is a name you can trust to give you complete peace of mind for your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. We’re flexible too, working at night if necessary.

We cover all of Greater Manchester including:

  • Bury
  • Bolton
  • Prestwich
  • Radcliffe
  • Tottington
  • Rochdale

We also serve outside the city too.

No price increase guarantee

We’re guaranteeing not to raise our prices for a minimum of three years.

Let Indepth Hygiene help keep your customers, staff and business safe at the right price, contact us today.

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